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The history of Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Way back in ancient Rome, before the Persians had even invented carpet, there was an annual festival to honour the mother goddess, Cybele. This celebration lasted three days, included parades and games… but there was no box of chocolates or bottle of perfume in sight.

Since then, there has been a celebration of mothers in one way or another throughout history, in many places around the world.  Early Christians celebrated a kind of Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent in honour of the Virgin Mary.  In Britain and Ireland, this festival was eventually celebrated by returning from work early to worship the “Mother Church”, and later give thanks to their own mothers too, bringing flowers to show appreciation for her.  Over time, as Church attendances dropped, the festival was all but forgotten.

Mother’s Day as most of us know it today is essentially an American Festival, dating back to 1908 and is a more commercial enterprise, an opportunity to show appreciation for your mother with a card and flowers.  During World War II, American servicemen and women revived our interest in the idea and a UK Mother’s Day came back to life.

However it started, it’s the perfect opportunity to spare a thought for the hard working mothers out there and show yours how much you love her.  While you may struggle with what to buy, maybe pick up the hoover this weekend to keep her carpet looking good!