Do I need underlay?
Do I need underlay?
8th February 2017
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Choosing your first carpet

your First Carpet

If you’re about to move into or decorate your first home, your seemingly endless flooring options can be confusing.  We’ve put together some practical tips to help you make the right choice when choosing your first carpet.

Pick the right carpet for your life style

Before you think of colour, style and cost – it’s a good idea to think about your room and how it’ll be used.  Do you have a couple of paint brush wielding kids?  A rampaging pet dog with a mud problem?  Or will red wine often be a dinner party accessory?  Asking these kind of questions will determine the best type of carpet for you.

Should you match your carpet, or buy a carpet to match?

We reckon you should choose your carpet before your paint, wallpaper and furniture.  Why?  Well a well maintained carpet should outlive your sofa and wallpaper and you can change the colour scheme of your walls whenever you like… a well-chosen carpet can set the stage for your creative side.

If I buy the cheapest carpet, I can afford a bigger TV!

As with most things, you get what you pay for.  Don’t forget, you’ll be living with (and on!) your new carpet for years to come.  Opt for the cheapest option and you could be replacing your carpet much sooner than you hoped.  Speak to one of our specialists to see what represents best value for you, you won’t find the best brands for cheaper and we regularly have discounted remnants in store.

Thinking about skipping underlay?

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