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Carpet Superstore’s Vinyl Release

Vinyl Selection

The Vinyl on your turn table isn’t the only kind enjoying a comeback… this durable, low maintenance and flexible flooring is in store now in a wide range of styles, colour and thickness.  So kick back, spin up some tunes and check out our top 5 benefits of choosing Vinyl Flooring.

  1. Fast installation

Vinyl is one of the quickest floors to install and there’s no need for expensive tools.  It’s perfect if you’re the kind of family that like to keep it simple.

  1. Low Maintenance

A quality dust and water resistant Vinyl floor will last for years if treated to the occasional mop and vacuum.

  1. Frost Free Feet

Most kids reject the shackles of warm slippers, preferring to run around barefoot year round… with tiled floors resulting in freezing cold feet (that are going straight onto your knees!).  A Vinyl floor stays warm to the touch and soft underfoot which is perfect for barefoot walkers!

  1. For any room

Vinyl is suitable for any room in the house, and will last for years even in humid areas.  All you need to worry about is choosing the perfect style.

  1. Sturdy & Durable

Vinyl is 100% moisture resistant and laboratory tested to last a very long time.  It’s perfect for heavily used rooms.


Think Vinyl could be right for you and your family?  Pop in store now to check out our huge range of styles and get some expert advice.