16th May 2017
A Complete Service Blog

A Complete Flooring Service

There are many carpet sellers out there, so what sets us apart from the rest? Well, we won’t just sell you a carpet, but instead we’ll […]
4th May 2017
Vinyl Selection

Carpet Superstore’s Vinyl Release

The Vinyl on your turn table isn’t the only kind enjoying a comeback… this durable, low maintenance and flexible flooring is in store now in a […]
24th March 2017
Happy Mother's Day

The history of Mother’s Day

Way back in ancient Rome, before the Persians had even invented carpet, there was an annual festival to honour the mother goddess, Cybele. This celebration lasted […]
22nd February 2017
your First Carpet

Choosing your first carpet

If you’re about to move into or decorate your first home, your seemingly endless flooring options can be confusing.  We’ve put together some practical tips to […]